Gaer Primary School

Ysgol Gynradd Gaer

Everyone achieving; learning in harmony

Pawb yn cyflawni; dysgu mewn heddwch


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Federation of Gaer and Maesglas Primary Schools

Establishment of a School Federation incorporating Gaer and Maesglas Primary Schools

The governing bodies of Gaer Primary School and Maesglas Primary School, together with Newport City Council, propose to use the powers granted under the Federation of Maintained Schools (Wales) Regulations 2014 to establish The Gaer and Maesglas Primary School Partnership

Download the Report to the Cabinet Member for Education and Skills (pdf)

Download the associated Decision Schedule (pdf)

Download the Fairness and Equality Impact Assessment (English pdf version / Welsh pdf version) (pdf)  


21 June 2021 – 1 August 2021

The Federation of Maintained Schools (Wales) Regulations 2014 outline a statutory requirement to seek the views of stakeholders on federation proposals.

Appropriate stakeholders for this purpose are defined as:

  • the staff of both schools
  • the parents, carers and guardians of pupils attending both schools
  • the pupils attending both schools (exercised via the two school councils)
  • teaching and support staff unions representing teachers and staff at both schools
  • local ward members for both schools
  • the headteachers of all schools within the John Frost School cluster area
  • the Education Achievement Service for South East Wales (EAS)
  • Estyn 

Download the consultation document (English pdf version / Welsh pdf version)  

Download the consultation document (Easy read version) (English pdf version / Welsh pdf version

This information is also available on the Gaer Primary School and Maesglas Primary School websites, with hard copies available for inspection at both schools. 

The consultation period starts Monday 21 June 2021 and runs until midnight Sunday 1 August 2021. 

The consultation process is an opportunity for people to learn about the proposal, ask questions and make comments that will be recorded and summarised in a consultation report.

The report will be considered by the governing bodies and the council. During the consultation period, views can be expressed by completing the online response pro-forma available here or in writing to: 

  • The governing body of Gaer Primary School, Gaer Road, Newport, NP20 3GY
  • The governing body of Maesglas Primary School, Maesglas Road, Maesglas, Newport, NP20 3DG
  • Chief Education Officer, Room 425w, Civic Centre, Newport, NP20 4UR

The proposal

The governing bodies of Gaer Primary School and Maesglas Primary School together with Newport City Council propose to use the powers granted under the Federation of Maintained Schools (Wales) Regulations 2014 to establish The Gaer and Maesglas Primary School Partnership (the Federation). 

The term ‘federation’ describes a formal and legal agreement by which the schools involved work together in formal partnership with shared governance under a single governing body.

The existing governing bodies will be dissolved and replaced by a new, single governing body with strategic oversight of both schools. 

The two schools have worked on a collaborative basis since April 2019 when the experienced Headteacher of Gaer Primary School was also appointed as the Executive Headteacher of Maesglas Primary School, initially on only a temporary basis until August 2021. This arrangement has been successful and has had a positive impact on both schools. This has led to both governing bodies expressing a desire to formalise the relationship between the two schools. The governing bodies have consulted with the council and all parties are in support of the proposal. 

The aim of the Federation is for the two schools to work in partnership to: 

  • develop the excellent shared practice that guarantees outstanding experiences and increased opportunities for pupils and staff
  • develop the common goals and reflective approaches to teaching and learning that will ensure that both communities benefit from a quality education

This will ensure significant positive outcomes and improved standards for both school communities. 

The proposed name of the Federation is The Gaer and Maesglas Primary School Partnership.

If the proposal is approved, the federation will commence 1 January 2022.

What happens next? 

At the end of the consultation period a report will be prepared which will outline any comments received.

Early in the autumn term 2021 each governing body will decide whether they wish to put forward the proposal for formal approval by Newport City Council’s Cabinet Member for Education and Skills. 

The remainder of autumn term 2021 will be used to develop an Instrument of Government (a legal document that records the constitution of a governing body) for the single governing body and to elect and appoint governors as appropriate including the chair and vice-chair of the federation. 

The federation would be formally established with effect from 1 January 2022 at which point the governing bodies for the two individual schools would be dissolved.