Gaer Primary School

Ysgol Gynradd Gaer

Everyone achieving; learning in harmony

Pawb yn cyflawni; dysgu mewn heddwch

Criw Cymraeg


Estyn Inspection

What a great Estyn Inspection! Gaer Primary School has achieved excellence in all areas. We are proud of our achievements with Welsh. Estyn reported that:

Across the school, most pupils make good progress in Welsh. They respond positively to instructions and display a good understanding of the Welsh used by staff. Many are confident to talk in informal situations. All pupils use Welsh successfully in their work in other subjects. As they progress through the school, a majority of pupils develop a good understanding of simple Welsh texts and they answer basic questions about these with developing accuracy. By the end of key stage 2, many pupils’ writing skills in Welsh are progressing well. Most pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the culture and heritage of Wales is good.

New Criw Cymraeg members will be interviewed by last years amazing team later this month Last years members will be The Phrase of the week will continue to be introduced by Criw Cymraeg on Twitter.

Phrase of the Week

Each Monday morning the class teachers will play the video and practise the phrase with their class.

The phrase is also displayed on the Cymraeg Campas Board and the Helpwr Heddiws can copy it down if you have problems with accessing our website. DIOLCH!

Welsh Club

Welsh Club will start again each Thursday 3:20 - 4:00 so they can take part in improving the Welsh language and culture in Ysgol Gynradd Gaer. 

Cymraeg Campus Bronze Award


We have now lit up all our targets for the Cymraeg Campus Bronze Award. Thank you to everyone for all your hard work and effort in helping us achieve the targets. We have a special visitor, from the EAS, coming to school on Tuesday 19th June to judge our excellent progress. We are confident that our visitor will be impressed.

Antur Tedi


A BIG thankyou to all the children who have already taken their Welsh class mascot and diary home to write about their weekend/holiday in Welsh. This initiative has been a great success and our Antur Teddies have been travelling all over the world. Diolch rhieni a phlant, parents and children.

                          Apps and Websites

To further promote the Welsh Language outside the school here are some examples of Aps and websites suitable for the children to access at home. Please encourage them to try a few out over the weekend.

The children have accessed and enjoyed using the website in school. It is a useful tool to promote pronounciation and vocabulary. Why not try it at home?