Gaer Primary School

Ysgol Gynradd Gaer

Everyone achieving; learning in harmony

Pawb yn cyflawni; dysgu mewn heddwch

Building Learning Power

Building learning Power!

Welcome to the building learning power page, here you will be able to find lots of information about BLP and see all the exciting things we are doing across the school.

At Gaer primay school we are always stretching our learning muscles in order for us to become better learners. Building learning power is about creating a classroom, culture and school that enables young people to face difficulty and uncertainty calmly, confidently and creatively.There are four learning dispositions that support young people to become better independent learners. These are Resourcefulness, Resilience,Reciprocity, Reflectiveness.



Questioning learning muscle- getting below the surface, being curious.

Making links learning muscle- seeking Coherence, relevance and meaning.

Reasoning learning muscle- thinking rigorously and methodically.

Capitalising learning muscle- making good use of resources.


Planning Learning Muscle- you think about what you want to get out of learning, you plan the steps you might take, you access which resources you may need

Revising Learning Muscle -you are ready to revise your plans as you go along, monitor how things are going, change your plans when you've had a better idea

Distilling Learning Muscle- you mull over experiences, draw out useful lessons from experiences, think about where else you might use these lessons

Meta-Learning Muscle- you are interested in how you learn as an individual, know your strengths and weaknesses as a learner, are interested in becoming a better learnereflectiveness


Interdependence Learning Muscle; you know how much interaction you need with others to assist your learning, you make informed choices about working on your own or with others

Collaboration Learning Muscle; you manage your feelings when working with others, you understand the ground rules of team work, you are able to work effectively as part of a pair or team

Empathy and Listening Learning Muscle; you put yourself in other people's shoes to see the world from their point of view, show you are listening by eye contact and body language, hear feelings and thoughts behind someone's words

Imitation Learning Muscle; you are ready to learn from others, notice the approach and detail of how others do things


Absorption Learning Muscle; you become engrossed in what you are doing; you are unaware of time passing
Managing Distraction Learning Muscle; you know what distracts you, you try to minimise distractions, you settle back quickly after an interruption

Noticing Learning Muscle; you notice how things look, what they are made of, or how they behave, you can identify significant detail

Perseverance Learning Muscle; you are not put off by being stuck, you keep on going despite difficulties and find ways to overcome them, you recognise that learning can be a struggle


Come and take a look at how we have been using our learning muscles across the school at Gaer primary!


This Year we have also been looking at how we can develop our Growth Mindset to help us with our learning.

We learnt that Resillient Rupert  has a very special super power of never giving up.We all want to be like Rupert in our school.